• Holder: SOMATRA-GET
  • Signing of the contract: 5/11/2010;
  • Start service order: 02/12/2010
  • Contractual period (Amendment No. 1): 2417 calendar days;
  • End of the contractual period: 07/15/2017
  • TTC market equivalent amount in dinars (Amendment No. 1): 109 392 461.456 PT TTC


Progress rate of book studies by the date of 11.30.2015

Partie des travaux concernés TYPE % Avancement des travaux
OA-E1/2 Vladuc en U Beton Precontraint 90%
OA-E3 Passage souterrain en cadre fermé 100%
OA-E4 PS Routier/Pont Dalle 86%
OA-E5/6 Vladuc en U 51%
OA-E7 Vladuc en U (Variante : Tunnel) 2%
PSP-E1, E2 & E3 Passage supérieur Piétons 90%
PSP-E4, E5 Passage supérieur Piétons 90%
p3P-E6,PSP E6 Bis/quais P3P 90%
P3P-E7 PIP 0%
Plateforme/quais PF 88%
Drainage Réseaux Divers 88%
Déviation des réseaux EU Réseaux EU 80%


The work done for this month mainly concern:

  • Prefabrication of the current segments OA1 / 2.
  • Transplanting and bosses for P17-P16-P15 battery OA1 / 2.
  • Pious batteries P7-P6-P5-P3 and P4 of the OA1 / 2.
  • Piles of achieving OA E 5/6.
  • Closing retaining walls side Ettayarane station (Sports ground).
  • E.U network deviation and SONEDE, tails of OA1 P3 / 2.
  • Outdoor development work to Ennajeh station.



Forward-looking activities include:

  • Continuation to the prefabrication of the deck segments.
  • Resumption stakes and start work supports the OA5 / 6.
  • Resumption of work at the docks Ennajeh station and start of work of external works in the same station.
  • Cornices prefabrication of gateways.
  • Starting the prefabrication of the segments of the battery OA1 / 2.
  • Continuation of work of hydraulic structures.
  • Starting the external improvement works to Bougatfa station.

Drilling and concreting of the pile P2 support of the PSP-E1 gateway