The supervisor’s mission is to ensure the control and monitoring of the implementation of Unit 1 of the project’s rapid rail network in the city of Tunis, on technical, financial, time and quality.

It is responsible for coordination between the various stakeholders and ensure that the work, supplies and acquisitions are executed in accordance with the rules of the art, the regulations and specifications defined by the Client.

The objective of the project management market will provide continuously to the Client the quality of services provided by the owners of the different lots and the various stakeholders, and ensure compliance with budgets, deadlines and the homogeneity and functionality of the project. The missions of the systematic nature of MOE can be grouped by distinguishing areas including:

  • The coordination and coherence of the project,
  • The establishment and approval of phasing and coordination of schedules of various stakeholders, including the interventions of the holders of the various lots and dealers networks and the various intervening agencies.
  • Compliance with the program and detailed schedule of each lot.
  • Control, monitoring, approval and receipt of various services.
  • The board to be made to any time client,
  • Compliance with technical and regulatory standards.



  • The performance of contracts direction.
  • Verification and approval of construction design
  • Construction site management:
  • Task 1: Organization and Management of site meetings.
  • Spot 2: Preparation and dissemination of reports
  • Spot 3: Establishment of service orders
  • Spot 4: Detailed planning of the project.
  • Spot 5: Information of the client: progress, expenditures and significant developments.
  • Tache 6: Scheduling, coordination and construction of the Steering


  • Checking the conformity of the realization
  • Financial management :
  • Spot 1: Checking accounts
  • Spot 2: Additional quotes Review
  • Spot 3: Review of briefs claim.
  • Spot 4: Establishment of general state spending.


  • Reception :
  • Spot 1: Organization of operations prior to receipt
  • Spot 2: Operation receptions.
  • Spot 3: gluing Records.
  • Spot 4: Global Testing


  • Various spots:
  • Spot 1: Risk Management.
  • Spot 2: Impact on the environment.
  • Spot 3: Design, Landscape Architecture.
  • Spot 4: Technical Reference.