The contribution’s Framework:

the European community, through Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) contributes to the financement of RFR’s project (the firt phase of the the project) . This contribution is under the « the funding framework agreement » and related to the implementation of financial and technical cooperation concluded between the European Community and Tunisia on 20 September 1997.

The NIF contribution comes in addition to the financement of the European financial institutions ( AFD, BEI,KFW)

The contribution’s amount

the NIF‘s contribution was estimated initially to 14 million Euros.

However, the management board of the NIF, during its meeting on 21 april 2009, approved the granting of a complementary contribution which was estimated to 14 million Euros on 2010. which was the subject of a contract amendment with the contracting parties during 2010 of November.

Therefore, the total amount of the NIF’s contribution is 28 million Euros.

Application field:

the NIF’s contribution serves in the financement of the following activities:

  • project management services
  • Other services of technical assistance , notably the project management
  • A number of training courses related to the project management.
  • the necessary complementary studies

Entry into force:

The convention was signed during the 2009 of December.