The mission of assistance aims to supplement the general conduct of the operation device by the client.
It aims to ensure full control of the process realization of the project on technical, financial, time and quality.

AMO will be under the full responsibility of the client, which will remain in all the areas responsible for the conduct of the project. However, AMO is the only responsible for the quality and performance of tasks carried out by its experts.


The objective of the AMO market will ensure the project owner constantly monitor the services provided by the MOE and the various stakeholders and thus ensure the homogeneity of the project.

The missions of the systematic nature of AMO can be grouped by distinguishing areas including:

  • coordination and consistency of the project, together with the project manager
  • program monitoring and detailed schedule of each lot.
  • monitoring, analysis and advice that the AMO team will be able

to provide at any time the owner,

  • verification of compliance with the technical and regulatory standards.
  • Monitoring of the overall project cost

These areas are closely related can not be dissociated in the execution of services. The OMA

is called to perform the following tasks:

  • Mission 1 : Assistance to the organization of structures and RFR establishing procedures manuals.
  • Mission 2 : Assistance to the steering of the slice of realization of project 1 the RFR network

Phase 1 : Assists the MOA in the choice of enterprises of the various lots.

  • Civil Engineering: 4 lots.
  • Systems: 1 lot
  • Tunnel Saida Manoubia: 1 lot.

Phase 2 : Conduct the project.