• Holder: Group COLAS RAIL / SIEMENS Sas / SOMATRA-Get / SIEMENS Her
  • Contract signature: 01/29/2013;
  • Start service order: 04/11/2013
  • Contract period: 1 080 calendar days;
  • End of the contractual period: 10/18/2016
  • TTC Market Amount (€ 1 = 1.9779 DT): 304,773 263,027DT

Share in Dinars: 094.360 DT 121 357

Share in Euro: 92 732 € 781.57 DDU

The system package includes the following components:

  • The Energy: The Power type selected for the electrification of railway lines is a power RFR 2 × 25 kV (with auto-transformers) that meets the expectations and needs of a high-capacity rail network; lines D and E will be powered by the unique Gobaâ substation with a capacity of 40 MVA.
  • Centralized command posts (PCC and SAE): A single control center for the RFR network will be installed at the station of Barcelona and Tunis city that will ensure the command and control of the majority of network equipment.
  • Signage: The pipe system is of the ERTMS level 1; railway signaling implemented on D and E lines is classic.
  • Track: The track is standard gauge, concrete sleepers on ballast and concrete placed directly in the parts viaduct.
  • Catenary: the catenary is polygonal fully regularized devices with automatic tensioners.
  • Telecommunications: GSM-R system will be used by SNCFT and RFR (shared infrastructure) for communication with an RMS system for interfacing of telecommunications equipment.
  • The workshop depot of Sidi Fathallah: Maintenance and trains part of the storage of D and E lines will be carried out on the site of Sidi Fathallah; this deposit will be accessible by a path of non existing electrified service renovate 5km long.

This system depends on the batch implementation platforms and railway works of lots 1 and 2 and the provision of technical rooms.