The first tranche of RFR project of Tunis with a length of 18.5 km, is divided into work packages and supplies: Four lots and Civil Engineering Building, a comprehensive batch system, a batch tunnel and rolling stock lot:

  • Lot No. 1- Civil Line D: Tunis City Gobaâ: 12.2 KM tracks, 13 pedestrian crossings and 10 bridges.
  • Lot No. 2 – Civil Line E: Saida Mannoubia to Bougatfa: 6.3 KM lanes, pedestrian crossings 9 and 5 bridges.
  • Lot No. 3 Buildings stations of Line D: Building 8 stations: Saida Mannoubia, Mellassine, Erraoudha, Bardo, El Bortal Manouba, Orange trees and Gobaâ.
  • Lot No. 4 Buildings stations of Line E: construction of 5 stations: Ennajah, Ettayarane, Ezzouhour, Hrairia and Bougatfa.
  • Lot No. 5 System: Building and testing of railway facilities.
  • Lot No. 6 saidaMannoubia Tunnel: construction of a double track tunnel of 268 ml with hand and other head structures and retaining walls.
  • Lot No. 7: rolling stock operated by SNCFT