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Rapid Railway Network Company In Tunis (RFR)

Creation: July 21, 2007
Subject: studies, monitoring and implementation of the RFR
Capital: 10 million TND.
The transport system under (PDRT) will form an integrated and hierarchical network with several components:

A regional rail network "RFR" with higher capacity
the existing light rail network supplemented with new lines;
bus lines in protected sites
three business central exchanges
fifteen new centers in the periphery
ten parks relay in the periphery with a capacity of about 6000 car spaces.

The rapid rail network (RFR) will be compound in 2021 by 5 lines totaling nearly 85km:
Line A: Tunis – Borj Cedria existing line length, 23.2 km and bagan on June 2012
Line C: Tunis PV – Bir Kassa – Fouchana – Mhamdia (19.5 km)
Line D: Tunis – Manouba – Gobaa – Mnihla (19.2 km)
Line E: Tunis – Ezzouhour – Zahrouni – Essijoumi (12.9 km)
Line C + F: Tunis PV – Bourgel – Ariana North (10.5 km)
A first tranche of 18.5 km with a cost of 550 million euros will be carried out between 2010-2017
Line D: City Centre – Gobaa: 12.2 km
Line E: Downtown – Bougatfa: 6.3 km
Civil Engineering, Building, Expropriation, networks and deflection system (track, catenary, Telecom, Energy signage, SAE, deposit construction)
Progress status: Running
Rolling material: phase tender
Line D Downtown – Gobaa: 12.2 km borrowed that line the existing right of SNCFT
Line E Downtown – Bougatfa: 6.3 km

Network maps are as follows:
A double-track tunnel in the common section lines D and E (Barcelona station and Saida Manoubia station)
A maintenance workshop at Sidi Fathallah (SFA) and the renovation of the existing service road for access to SFA.
Two storage sites in the terminus Gobaâ and Bougatfa
A sub station Gobaa